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Year of Music
The music that springs from Alabama roots is rich and varied
By John Brightman Brock

M.B. Smith, a 20-something soldier fighting in Tennessee’s Battle of Shiloh in 1862, couldn›t believe what had just happened.

Hellish cannon blasts roared overhead, blowing apart Confederate and Union armies. In two days, more than 23,000 men  …read more

MegRed Tape

By Perry Stambaugh

The cost of electricity hinges on several things: among them availability, prices for power plant fuels and materials and the amount of power consumers demand. Now volatile federal rulemaking has hit power producers. …read more

Alabama Music Hall of Fame
By David Haynes

I’d passed by the unassuming rectangular blue and white building many times on various trips along U.S. Highway 72 through Tuscumbia. And with 2011 being celebrated as the …read more

Alabama Gardens
Cold Frames
By Katie Jackson
For several years now my sister has successfully grown lettuces and other cool-season veggies in containers on her front porch. Because the plants are relatively protected from hard frosts, she has been able to supply bowls of fresh salads for our winter family gatherings, …read more

Wild Hogs
By Alan White

Feral hogs are becoming a more serious threat to Alabama’s woodlands and farm crops each year. These once-domestic pigs, released years ago, are breeding fast …read more

Agriculture’s New Day
By Katie Jackson

Food security, renewable energy and environmental sustainability are issues that affect everyone. They also are issues that relate directly to agriculture, and they are definitely issues that Bill Batchelor, the new dean of Auburn University’s …read more

Main Street Alabama
By Atticus Rominger

If you look past the SUVs and tune out the cell phone noise, if you focus solely on the white-walled tires and mirror-finished chrome of cars and trucks from a half-century past, you can almost …read more


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