Welcome! The Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives (AREA) is a member-owned federation of 22 electric distribution cooperatives.

Governmental Affairs

AREA’s legislative activities are guided by the association’s Legislative Committee, which is composed of cooperative managers and directors. This committee meets regularly to establish the association’s position on any legislative matter and to review all legislative challenges to the electric cooperatives of Alabama. The Legislative Committee also directs the development of any proposed legislation for the betterment of the electric cooperative program.

On behalf of Alabama’s 22 Electric Cooperatives’ that serve more than 1.1 million Alabamians, Alabama Rural Electric Association represents electric cooperatives’ interests before the:

  • Alabama Legislature
  • Alabama Public Service Commission
  • United States Congress
  • Other state and federal regulatory agencies

The primary responsibility of this department is to ensure that legislation and regulations will not adversely affect the electric cooperatives’ ability to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity. Our staff works to:

  • Educate lawmakers and regulators about Alabama’s electric cooperatives
  • Monitor legislation that affects electric cooperatives
  • Coordinate efforts to influence legislation and regulation when necessary

The electric cooperatives of Alabama are long-standing members within their communities, providing volunteers and leadership year after year. The electric cooperatives’ member-elected boards and their employees comprise a natural and valued grassroots network throughout the state. This network offers the opportunity to bring together constituents who provide essential services to their communities with their local representatives.

Political Action Committee

Membership in ACRE reached 2,167 during 2013. This total included 168 Century members and 39 President’s Club members.

ACRE held its annual golf outing in April and drew a great crowd at Arrowhead Country Club in Montgomery.

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