Welcome! The Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives (AREA) is a member-owned federation of 22 electric distribution cooperatives.

Associate Members

Who should become an Associate Member of AREA?

Vendors of goods and services that our cooperatives use are invited to become associate members of AREA. Being an associate member gives businesses that have products and services that are relevant to cooperatives an opportunity to meet, work with, sponsor, or provide information and training to AREA member systems.

If you would like to join AREA as an Associate Member, click HERE.


We are proud to be aligned with the 2024 AREA Associate Members

Alabama 811 – www.al811.com

Alabama One/Alabama Rural Electric Credit Union – www.alabamaone.org

Altec Industries, Inc. – www.altec.com

American FR & Safety – www.americanfrsafety.com

Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC – www.asplundh.com

CableSouth Construction – www.cablesouth.com

Center Phase Energy – www.centerphaseenergy.com

Central Service Association – www.csa1.com

Coastal Electrical Construction – www.unitedutility.com

CoBank – www.cobank.com

Critical Path Security, LLC – www.criticalpathsecurity.com

Emerald Transformer – www.emeraldtransformer.com

Empact Engineering – www.empactengineering.com

EnTrust Solutions Group – www.entrustsol.com

Ervin Cable Construction, LLC – www.ervincable.com

Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange – www.federatedrural.com

GDS Associates – www.gdsassociates.com

GORescue – www.gorescue.com

Gresco Utility Supply, Inc. – www.gresco.com

Gridco – www.gridcompany.com

Irby Utilities – www.irbyutilities.com

Jackson Thornton Utilities – www.jacksonthornton.com

Kendall Vegetation Services – www.wakendall.com

KGP Co. – www.kgpco.com

Lee Electrical Construction – www.lee-electrical.com

Lodging Solutions – www.industrialtentsystems.com

Mayer Electric Supply – www.mayerelectric.com

Meridian Cooperative – www.meridian.coop

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation – www.milwaukeetool.com

Mississippi-Tennessee Transformers – www.ms-tn.net

National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp. (CFC) – www.nrucfc.coop

NISC – www.nisc.coop

NRTC – www.nrtc.coop

NTS, Inc. – www.ntsontheweb.com

OneSource Restoration, LLC – www.onesourcerestorationllc.com

Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. – www.osmose.com

Pioneer Utility Resource – www.pioneer.coop

PowerGrid – www.powergridservices.com

PowerTrunk, Inc. – www.powertrunk.com

Slingco – www.slingco.com

Southeast Lineman Training Center – www.lineworker.com

Sumter Utilities, Inc. – www.sumter-utilities.com

Sunbelt Solomon – www.sunbeltsolomon.com

Taylor Electric – www.taylorelectricutility.com

Townsend Tree Service – www.thetownsendcorp.com

TRC Engineers, Inc. – www.trccompanies.com

T.R. Miller Mill Company, Inc. – www.trmillermill.com

TVPPA Education & Training – www.tvppa.com

ULCS – www.ulcs-llc.com 

United Utility Supply – www.uus.coop

Vantage Point Solutions – www.vantagepnt.com

WESCO – www.wesco.com

Whitehead & Associates – www.whiteheadassoc.com

Wright Tree Service – www.wrighttree.com