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AREA staffers present bucket truck safety program

AREA director of safety Michael Kelley and training and safety coordinator Buster Bishop presented a program on bucket truck safety on Sept. 28 at the Troy Sportsplex. The four-hour course brought together more than 40 maintenance and other truck operators from across the state, most of whom work for state agencies or municipalities.


The goal was to review safe operating procedures for trucks that use aerial work platforms. The program covered outrigger safety, the proper use of fall restraints, proper truck placement, minimum safety approach distances, personal protection equipment, safe bucket use, electrical contact hazards and more.


Though electrical crews routinely use such vehicles to service overhead power lines, most of the participants in the class use the trucks to trim trees, install signage or replace outdoor lights. Most were very interested to hear about electrical safety, and asked several questions of Buster and Michael about cable and telephone lines and their relation to power lines, and about working safely near power lines.


The event was hosted by the City of Troy and organized by Troy’s risk management coordinator, Jacob Fannin, with support from the Alabama Department of Transportation and the Alabama Department of Finance Risk Management division.