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Thank you ‘notes’ from Florida

An untold number of Florida residents who lost power during Irma took to social media channels to say “thank you” to the Alabama co-op personnel who helped bring their lights back on. A sample of some of the comments taken from our co-ops’ Facebook pages:
Baldwin EMC – Kasey Jacobs: From Ocklawaha, FL THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and we truly appreciate the sacrifices that you all have made to help all of us in Florida!!! A special thanks to Travis Scott and Tim Baggett specifically, these men worked on the lines and restored power to my home!
Coosa Valley EC – Vanessa Hernandez: Thank you for sending the crews you sent to Hardee County, Florida (PRECO) to help restore power after Hurricane Irma! Our entire community is SO GRATEFUL! That’s what coop’s are all about! Thanks again!
Dixie EC – Helen Helvenston Williamson: Had 5 of your men eating at Ken’s BBQ today in Live Oak Fla. There were 3 different people vying to pay their bill. Also, first time I’ve seen a group of workers ALL bow their heads in prayer prior to eating, so refreshing after coming from church myself. Thank you ALL for helping us get our power back.
Pioneer EC – Becky Willis McClellan: Thank you so much to the guys at Pioneer Electric for getting our power back on Friday afternoon. We appreciate your and the sacrifices you and your families made to help us! There are not enough words to express our appreciation! Be safe and safe travels!
South Alabama EC – Kassidy April Gagnon: I’m a Floridian affected by Hurricane Irma. These guys restored my power last night and were back at it today on the back half of our loop. There were tons of trees down, lines down everywhere, and even had the line snapped in one spot. They finished our loop today and I managed to speak to one of them today to make sure they had water. I asked if they kept it on the trucks and he said yes and then offered me some. Super polite man. Thank you guys for helping Clay Electric and getting my power back up and us back on the grid!